10 GO! (BigC) supermarkets across Vietnam – 11 MWp

Project Highlight

November 2021


Bac Giang, Ha Long, Hai Duong, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Viet Tri, Ba Ria, Can Tho, Di An, Tan Hiep

Installed Capacity

11008,44 kWp

Annual Yield

14019,7 MWh





Annual CO2 Savings

7871 tons

The commercial solar system cooperation between Tona Syntegra Solar (TSS) and the Norwegian Renewable Energy investor is deployed at 10 GO! (BigC) supermarkets across Vietnam. Including 6 in the North (6740.82 kWp) and 4 in the South (4267.65 kWp).


Built during the Covid pandemic 19 and was heavily impacted by the Government’s Lockdown and Social Distancing. TSS have constructed and handed over this commercial solar system within 24 weeks (from May 2021 to November 2021). While not impacting and interrupting the activities underneath. The project also combines all types of metal (trapezoidal, seam lock) and concrete roofs with strict requirements from the owner and the FM global standards.


The systems are among the most complex solar power systems in Vietnam. When empowered by the most modern technologies such as Inverter Shutdown, Zero Export Control, and Sensor System, which help control and protect the system, ensure safety in fire prevention and fire fighting,

Efficiency of commercial solar system

With a nationwide supermarket chain, GO! (BigC) is one of the largest consumer retail chains in Vietnam. TSS expected that rooftop solar system at 4 Southern supermarkets will produce 6356.1 MWh and reduce 3535.6 tons of CO2; while 6 northern ones will produce an average of 7663.6 MWh and reduce 4335.3 tons of CO2 per year.