VSip 2 IP and My Phuoc 3 IP, Binh Duong – 6359 kWp

Project Highlight

March 2021


Binh Duong

Installed Capacity

6359 kWp

Annual Yield

8902 MWh





Rapid Shutdown

8084 units

Annual CO2 Savings

5036 tons

Tona Syntegra Solar (TSS) started construction this rooftop solar system project in September 2020. Till February 2021, we completed the project and handed it over to the owner within 14 weeks


At the time of construction of this project, the situation in Vietnam is complicated by the Covid 19 pandemic. The Government issued Lockdown and Social Distancing order, making construction work difficult


TSS completed this system with strict requirements from the investor and also complies with global FM standards. In addition, this rooftop solar system is among the most complex industrial electrical systems in Vietnam. Besides, the owner decided to equip this system with the most advanced technologies such as: Rapid Shutdown, Zero Export Control and Hybrid Controller.

The Rapid Shutdown system protects and ensures the best safety in fire prevention. It is also one of the largest systems in Vietnam. In addition, with the Hybrid controller feature, the building can act as an off-grid solar power system in the event of a power outage.

Efficiency of solar power system

The owner of this project is a leading furniture company in the world and they hope the system can produce an average of 8902 MWh of electricity output and cut approximately 5036 tons of CO2 emissions per year.