When energy does not stop at sustainable development goals

giangnguyen 20/04/2023

Referring to a solar energy development company, the first thing that people imagine is the image of the construction site full of panels and construction machinery, along with that is the internal characteristic when the company will operate including two parts: the Project Department working at the construction site and the Office Department working at the company headquarters.

The differences in professional and working environments are more or less, sometimes creating invisible gaps between individuals in the team and this distance will be more evident in gatherings or parties. As a company specializing in Consulting and Developing solar energy projects, TSS inevitably happens in cases such as mentioned above, therefore, the Board of Directors of the company always encourages and facilitates collective activities, especially sports activities – the easiest sports to create solidarity – so that departments have opportunities to interact with each other more, thereby developing personal energy; creating solidarity and enhancing relationships.

It is often said that “Family is the cell of society”, at TSS, people are considered as cells of business. The physical health and spiritual life of employees are always concerned and put first by the Board of Directors. Therefore, football and running are respectively the disciplines that are “chosen to send gold” to create an emulation and health training movement, improve personal energy for all employees and the Executive Board.

In fact, sports activities have been associated with TSS since the early days of operation, such as the Ho Chi Minh City Business Association Football League in 2017 (Huba Football 2017 – TONA Cup), when TSS collaborated with other sponsors and the City Business Association to create a playground for businesses in the area.

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With the support of businesses and facilitation from City agencies, the competition was held successfully, creating a competitive and enjoyable atmosphere for exchange, along with positive media effects.

However, during the Covid-19 epidemic, almost all business activities were disrupted and sports activities were no exception. It wasn’t until the country’s new normal that TSS gradually resumed operations and physical training activities were gradually restarted. Football is the earliest return to TSS, matches are played every weekend between the Office Department and the Project Department.

In addition to internal competitions, TSS also occasionally has networking matches with partners and suppliers with a friendly and healthy nature.

In early 2023, in harmony with the general atmosphere of the whole City and businesses, TSS’s Board of Directors launched a running movement to all employees of the company and was warmly responded by everyone.

Every Monday and Thursday afternoon, people usually finish work early and move to Sala Urban Park in District 2 to go for a run together. The popular distance levels chosen are 5km – 10km per session, which shows the very high spirit and effort coming from everyone when this is just the first stage of the movement. For those who cannot participate in the joint run, everyone arranges time to train themselves and update the results together with the team.

Not stopping at training, the running team also encourages each other to participate in official races held in the city or neighboring provinces. The most recent is the BTV Stop and Run Marathon 2023 held in Binh Thuan. Most people excelled in completing the 10km distance and were in the top 100 of the race despite only practicing running for a short time, the most notable achievement came from Mr. Nguyen Binh Phuong – President of TSS – when completing the 21 km distance and being in the top 100 of this race.

Not only building corporate culture, TSS also wishes to develop a healthy team both physically and mentally to accompany the company in the current conscious periods. Health is man’s most valuable asset and it plays an important role in ensuring success in life and work. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance, each TSS member is always conscious of building a daily exercise habit.

Join us for the health of yourself and the community!

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