SanHa Green Farm, Long An – 1632 kWp

Project Highlight

August 2020


Thach Loi, Ben Luc, Long An

Installed Capacity

1632 kWp

Annual Yield

1486 MWh





Annual CO2 Savings

840 tons

San Ha Green Farm is located in Ben Luc, Long An. This 1632 kWp agricultural solar system is the first and only system for the Agriculture – Poultry Farm industry.

Special point

The electricity consumption model combines both Net-metering and Gross-metering.

  • Net-metering: electricity from the system use mainly for factories, then owner will sell excess electricity to the national grid.
  • Gross-metering: 100% electricity from the system will connect to the national grid.

Efficiency of agricultural solar system

This rooftop solar power system, put into operation from August 2020. Owners expect the project to produce an average of 1486 MWh and reduce 840 tons of CO2 per year