Tarlac, Philippines – 50 MWp

Project Highlight

January 2016


Tarlac City, Philippines

Installed Capacity

50 MWp

Annual Yield

78,070 MWh


189,432 polycrystalline


46 SMA inverters

Mounting System

Fixed tilt, ground mount

Size of Plant

550,003 sq meters

Annual CO2 Savings

47,800 tons

PetroSolar operated the Tarlac 50MWp solar farm project (TSPP) in January 2016.  PetroSolar Corporation, a company owned by Petroleum Energy Corporation (PetroGreen) and EEI Power Corporation (EEIPC).

Efficiency of solar system

PV Power Plant’s 189,432 PV 50 MWp PV modules produce approximately 78,070 MWh of electricity per year. This amount of electricity is enough to power about 24,000 homes in the Philippines and offset 47,800 tons of CO2 emissions annually.