Thai Hoa IP, Long An 6772 kWp

Project Highlight

13 December 2020


Thai Hoa, Duc Hoa, Long An

Installed Capacity

6772 kWp

Annual Yield

9684 MWh





Annual CO2 Savings

5478 tons

The 6.778 MWp project was constructed on 17 different metal roofs during ten weeks and achieved the COD even two weeks in advance prior the project timeline, fully met FIT 2 deadline on 31 December 2020. The entire engineer, procurement and construction progress was altogether accomplished within 12 weeks since the contract-signing. Safety, quality and reliability in the long-term of the project are always our requisite priorities and have never been traded-off despite the remarkable achievement in terms of the project’s fast-track record and commercially reward. Located in Thai Hoa, Long An, the system expected to produce average 9683 MWh and offset about 5478 tons of CO2 per year.